A new way to stay healthy and fit!!!

I recently teamed up to collaborate with Bella Tropeano and Talia Laurito.


….yes they are current and former Patriots cheerleaders…..but they are also founders of the “Beyond Strong” fitness program.


Bella and Talia are personal trainers who also specialize with “in home training”…..which is a major bonus for a majority of women. Their program is mainly centralized in the Providence and Greater Boston areas. It is absolutely perfect for moms and women with busy schedules.




Here is some background information on Bella and Talia in their own words….

“We’re Bella and Talia, the co-creators of Beyond Strong. After curating and running a successful four- week fitness challenge, we came together to create a company that could give you not just a fitness program, but a way of life when it comes to your fitness, health and wellness.

As personal trainers and health and wellness coaches, we aspire to help individuals reach their goals and achieve results. Whether you’re a beginner or a refined fitness fanatic, Beyond Strong has a plan for YOU! Join our Beyond Strong family today to be bold, better and beyond strong!”




One of the things I love about this program is that it has no rigidity to it…You can have pizza and cupcakes sometimes, the recipes are super easy to make and they do not restrict any food groups, and you do not have to work out 7 days a week.




There are also workout videos you can do at home at your own convenience for when you can not make a training session.





Bella and Talia are super easy going and make you feel really comfortable in your own skin while you are working out. They are what I like to call a “girl’s girl”…..always boosting self-confidence in women….which is what I love to do when styling a client as well.




Here is the link to their program so you can read more about it!!!!


People are always writing to me asking me how I stay in shape as a busy working mom in her early 40s……well….this is one of the ways!




Another way to reach them is to message them directly with questions via their instagram page.



**** As a bonus deal….if you sign up for a program with Talia and Bella you get either 20% off a styling session or closet organization with me!!!!!!!


So don’t wait!!! Sign up now to be the best you that you can be….


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