Best Summer Dresses for Your Body Type!!!!

If you are like me, then you think “time to get some new dresses” every summer. I get lots of questions asking me what style dress would be most flattering for their body type. Here are my suggestions on what to wear in order to stay on trend, while also choosing a style dress that flatters your best features.

  1. Hourglass Shape/Curvy” Choose a belted waist or wrap style dress.

I am curvier in my hip and thigh area so I definitely like a fit that belts or cinches the waist.



2. Apple Shape (thinner legs and carries more weight in the mid-section): Should choose a swing or smock style dress.


3. Broad Arms or Shoulders: Choose an A-line style.



4. Athletic Build: If you want to add curves to your figure, then wear a dress with ruching.


5. Universally flattering dress for ALL body types: Choose a long, flowy maxi…..easiest fit….looks amazing on everyone!



If you need help choosing some dresses, please reach out to me!!