Easter Best! (What to Wear!!)

I actually get asked a bunch of questions about what to wear for Easter…It is one of those holidays that people tend to like to “dress up” a little….where as on Thanksgiving….and even on Christmas Day, we tend to like to be comfy and more casual. Here are my suggestions about what to wear next weekend!


  1. Flowy Maxi Dress:


I found one at Marshalls for $19.99!!!!


And this “high/low” style at Macy’s on sale….


2. Shades of tan/spring neutrals:


3. Jeans/pastel blouse:


4. Black and White outfit:


I got this black and white blouse at Express… love adding a color pop to a black and white ensemble.



5. Green/Blush pink: Nothing screams spring more than this color palette!!!!


6. Pops of Floral: You can do this with a blazer, a shoe, a clutch,  kimono, or a scarf. I love floral pants too.



7. White lace dress: Nothing screams Easter more than white lace paired with pastels!


If you need any help locating an Easter outfit, please reach out!


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