The Timeless jewelry pieces every woman needs….

I get tons of suggestions for articles all the time (which I love by the way). Anyways….someone requested I write about jewelry trends that are timeless….pieces you can wear year round with everything. With that said….here is what I think every woman should have in their jewelry boxes at home…obviously not ALL of them….but maybe 2 or 3 you can collect over time during special occasions…..

  1. Diamond studs:



2. Diamond necklace (on the simple side):


3. Black choker:


I love this look….must be the 90s girl in me….LOL


4. Hoops:


Something HOT about hoops….it like instantly spices up your look.



5. Cocktail rings: These are awesome passed down from generation to generation….


6. Layered gold necklaces:


I like these with a tank or blouse.


7. Cross: Never ever goes out of style….




8. Bangles: Adds a little “chic” to even a t-shirt and joggers.


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Happy Jewelry Hunting!