How to be Fab in Flares….

Yes…they have returned from 2002….Some of us (like myself) are thrilled about this….and some may be “not so sure.” Well, I am here to tell you that this is the MOST flattering jean style on EVERYONE!!! Really it is! It slims the thighs and it makes everyone look much taller than they are.

OK so here are ways to bring the 2002 flares into 2019!


  1. With Cream Colored Shirts….I just love cream tops and brown platforms paired up with flared jeans for fall.


2. Basic T-shirts: Jeans and Tees…..I mean obvious……I like the t-shirt tucked into the flared jeans though.


3. Blazer…. This is perfect for the office when you are allowed to dress business casual. However, I also think it would be really cool to wear a sequin tank top, blazer, and flared jeans.


4. Cropped Top: High waisted flared and a slight crop are actually super slimming.


5. Tucked in Blouse: You can also do the front tuck….that has been my new fave way to wear flares lately…




6. Striped Shirt: I think this print goes awesome with flared jeans…super retro….but also, most of us can find a striped shirt in out closets too.


7. Bodysuit: This is an easy go to outfit for an evening out. Add a pop with accessories, a clutch, or colored heels.


8. Leather Jacket….This paired up with a classic, white tank top, big earrings or long necklace, and a statement bag is one of my Saturday night go-to looks….for a lot of years….


9. Sweater: Flared jeans are surprisingly very comfortable, just like a sweater. This is the type of outfit you can leave on all day on a Saturday and not blink an eye.




10. Basic Tank top….This look is similar to a bodysuit, but maybe a tad more comfy….and great for daytime. Throw on a sweater or lightweight coat for cooler days.


*** By the way….I am obsessed with the crop flared jean!!! Both tall and petite sizes do not have to ever worry about their jeans needing to be hemmed or being to short….because they are supposed to hit at an awkward length.


I love my pair with the funky bottoms from Aines.



If you would like help finding the perfect pair of flares, please let me know!!!