Spring Transition….what the heck do I wear?


I think Spring is the hardest season to dress for !!!! It is cold one day….hot one day…rainy another….anyways, it becomes like this awkward period of time when you can’t really pack away your winter staples completely, but when it is 65 degrees outside and sunny, you want to wear white pants and a t-shirt. In my opinion, if you keep the following items (which I will write about below) in your closet this Spring……..you will be good to go!!


  1. Joggers: They are lightweight and comfortable. They look amazing with sneakers and slides and with strappy heeled sandals and a satin tank.




2. Denim Shirt: Acts like a sweater, but a little more edgy.





3. Long cardigan: This item can take the place of a jacket during spring that you can actually put off and on all day while feeling comfortable.



I am obsessed with long cardigans because I am always cold!



4. Old School Slides: All old is new again…especially with sportswear brands such as Fila, Puma, Nike, and Adidas.



5. Wrap Shirt: I love these because they show a little skin, which makes it a tad dressier and a little “hot looking.” Yet, it still works on cooler days. This style does not work for me in the winter because I am always freezing, but I absolutely love this style and plan to wear it often during the next few months.


Love this black and white wrap top from LIT.


6. Long Sleeve Wrap Dress: Same ideas as the shirt we just discussed LOL…..Plus, This style dress is very trendy for Spring 2019. Add tights if it is cool out.



7. Cut-out Booties: I love this type of bootie!!! First of all, they look good with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts….super versatile. The cut-outs and holes make it perfect for spring months because they vary from the full-coverage winter boot style.



8. Denim Skirts: I love denim skirts during the fall and spring. You can wear tights under them, and they also look cute with bare legs and ankle boots. Both sweaters and sleeveless tops look great with this style skirt, and layering is a must with fluctuating temps.



Check out this denim skirt from LIT. Loving the lighter color for spring.



9. Overalls: These resurfaced last spring….and they are here to stay with the revival of the 90s. I actually think they are super comfortable to wear. I love them with a tank top underneath, and they also look cute with a flannel shirt or long cardigan over it.



10. Ornate Jacket: Most of us still require a light-weight coat in early spring. The more details and bling the better this season!



I love this one from Madison Ave. of Melrose.


Let me know if you would like any help with updating your spring wardrobe!