What I consider “essentials” for a warm-weather get-a-way……so you can get packing~

Ok….so recently when I was in Aruba, I received a lot of questions about what I always pack when I go to an island or some place really warm…..some people asked me if I tend to pack the same things, and others asked me if I recommended certain items based on trends etc….I guess I would say I recommend a combination of both….Here are my current suggestions about what to pack if you plan to take a vacation in the next few months.

  1.  Loose T-shirt: This can be work alone or layered when you transition between warm and cold climates.


2. Maxi-Dress:


These were easy to pack and fit in my carry-on. Check out these two dresses and much more @beachfrills.com


3. Joggers: Comfy and great for working out on vacation, taking walks, or for the airport.


4. Leggings: I mean does anyone really travel anywhere without leggings???



5. Cover-Ups:


I am loving cover-ups from beachfrills.com. Use promo code tiffgreaders for a discount!


6. Rompers: Again super easy to pack…..they all fit in my carry-on….and 3 rompers is 3 days of outfits at night if you think about it…as opposed to packing 6 items for 3 outfits.



Packing rompers was one of the best decisions I made in my suitcase for Aruba. LOL


7. White Pants/Shorts: I mean…you gotta take something white when you go to an island. Plus they match everything!


8. Loose Tank Top: When it is really hot and humid, no one feels comfortable in fitted tops. That is why I love a loose tank top in these climates.


9. Loose shorts: These are so comfortable and come in many gorgeous prints. The loose fit is perfect for when you feel bloated off of all your vacation foods!


10. Flip Flops: This is kinda obvious. For a trendy take on flip flops, I like black and gold ones currently.


11. Espadrilles: These look great with shorts, pants, dresses, and skirts….basically everything….and they take the place of heels for a dressier evening look.


12. Sneakers: These are a must for traveling, walking, and exercise.



****I actually love to organize and pack so please reach out to me if you need some help with this!!!!