Airport Outfit??? Say Whaaattttt???….

So many of my readers and insta followers have asked me what I wore to the airport when I traveled to Aruba last January. It got me thinking……why not put a list of suggestions about what outfits to wear or NOT wear when traveling by plane. Here goes….

  1. Long sweater to layer for variations in temperature…..This also acts as a nice, lightweight coat.


2. A bra with NO metal underwire so it lessens the chances that you will get “pulled over” and searched….


3. Comfy bottoms….who wants to sit on a long flight with too-tight waistbands?


*Personally I always try and avoid jeans when I fly because most jeans are not that comfy lets face it…LOL


4. Avoid belts….sometimes the metal sets off the security alarms.


5. One nice tote bag….fits everything and it really does not matter what you have on when you carry a stylish bag.


6. Joggers/loose t-shirt/blazer…This is a comfy outfit, but the blazer adds a bit of style and “professionalism” if you want a more put-together look.



7. Scarf/Shawl….These can double as a blanket on a plane…..and block your face from germs haha


8. Sunglasses…perfect if your makeup dries up…or you feel like you look tired because of a long flight or delayed flight.


9. Sweatsuit/Tracksuit…They’re back and they’re stylish and they’re comfy!!!!


I am obsessed with this look lately…. This sweatsuit is by My Brooklyn Brand…check them out!


10. Over-sized, chunky sweater… same idea as a sweatsuit, but a little less casual….


11. Sneakers/socks….I always travel with socks on because you have to take your shoes off and airport floors are gross. I also usually wear sneakers because then I have them if I want to work out on vacation.


12. Hair Elastics/Hat….You can throw your hair in a ponytail or bun…or wear a hat….if your hair becomes messy from a long flight.


13. Chap Stick/Lip Gloss….This is hydrating for the dry, airplane air and adds a little color pop to your lips for a fresh face when you arrive!


Hope this article was helpful and happy travels!!!!