How to add color POPS to your winter wardrobe….

Sometimes winter clothes are dreary and drab…just like winter days… much as I love wearing all black…at times I miss the bright colors of Spring and Summer. However….you can still wear these colors during the cold weather months, and I am going to show you how…read on!!

  1. Bright Scarves:


I love this red scarf by Pellone Designs.


2. Bright Sweater:


3. Bright Coat:


4. Bright or White Booties:


I love my white ankle boots in winter because it brightens up my whole outfit.



5. Bright Wide Leg Pants: Trendy pant……why not make it stand out even more by wearing it in a bright color?


6. Anything Yellow: The sun is yellow…why not make people think of a sunny day on a cold, snowy day? Also, yellow flatters most people….yes…really it does.


If you need help putting together some winter outfits with color pops, please reach out!