What Is OK To Splurge On???

A few people have recently asked me what I think people should splurge on….or what I splurge on….or what is OK NOT to buy one sale……Here is my list of items I tend to splurge on from year to year……and when I say “splurge” I mean that it is ok to pay full price for these items and not look for a bargain because these items are going to last you year after year. Here goes!!!

  1. Designer Bags: I am a bag girl for sure…have been for years…..However, a good bag will last you for decades! I just recently pulled out all my Dior bags from the 1990s because they are back in style! If you store them nicely in their duster bags and boxes, you will never have a problem! Also, many high end consignment stores sell “like new” or “new” designer bags for less money than the name brand stores.




2. Heels: I think it is perfectly acceptable to invest in an expensive pair of classic heels in a white, black, nude, or a red color. I have a pair of “red bottoms” that I wear out on special occassions and I had the bottom “sealed” so that the red does not scratch. I also have a pair of Gucci wedges that are literally 10 years old and still going strong. I recommend getting a classic style that is comfortable so that they will last and always be on trend.








3. Coat: If you live anywhere that has winter weather you MUST invest in a warm coat!!! I love a down jacket, such as a Canada Goose….it really is worth the splurge people….it is so WARM!!!!! Plus, they are great about replacing the jacket if there are any problems. I also think it is great to have a dressy coat, such as a vintage fur or faux fur. They never go out of style and they look great with a dress or jeans!




4. Boots: Boots are worn almost year round….so investing in rain boots, snow boots, classic black heeled boots, or cowboy boots is a must. You will have them for years, and honestly….when you buy cheap boots, the toe scuffs like the second day you wear them and it is not worth what you saved if you can only wear them for a few months!




If you need an honest opinion about a particular splurge, please do not hesitate to reach out!!!!