A few of MY staples….

A few people have sent me messages on instagram asking me what I tend to buy repeatedly or what I consider to be my favorite “staples.” One person was comical and said, “You never seem to repeat the same outfits, but you must have a few things you wear over and over again.” And….well…. yes of course I do!!!!! In fact, I have a few items I actually repeat ALOT!!!!! Here are my “repeat” offenders or items that I keep buying over and over again!!!!


  1. Lululemon Power Y tank in black….I love this……first of all, it has built in bra cups so it is perfect as a layer or standing alone. It holds up during workouts and it also looks amazing under a blazer with jeans and heels. I must have at least 4 of these in my drawer. I pack this year round on every trip I take. They never wrinkle and if your forget your bra…well it’s all good when you have this with you!



As you can see I have worn it in a variety of seasons!



2. Lululemon no-show socks……These are the ONLY ones that do not slip. They are worth every penny……



3. Gucci Guilty and Pink Sugar rollerballs…..These are my two favorite perfumes and I like the rollerballs because they are easy to keep in your purse or suitcase, or in your car. I also think they last longer and give a stronger scent then the sprays because they roll directly on the skin.



4. L’Oreal Lash Primer….This is by far my favorite primer, and it makes your lashes look super long. I use this every single day of my life!



5. American Eagle Jegging Jean….Super comfy….never stretch out….really affordable…..and I love how American Eagle distresses their jeans. If you have not tried on a pair, I recommend you do so. Also, check out the variety of sizes!!





6. Lululemon Align Pants…..I work out in these. I wear the ankle length in the summer. I wear these out with heels and boots….I am officially obsessed….not to mention they are ridiculously comfortable. I must have 5-7 pairs easily…mostly black. The high waist and the seam design on your bum area are super flattering!





7. Bralettes from Target….I love how these look under an over-sized sweatshirt or sweater or t-shirt. Target has my favorite ones. They are inexpensive, super comfortable, and have a ton of colors and sizes too. I bought black, white, grey, and red there for close to the price of 1 or 2 from more expensive stores.





8. Express Portofino Blouse…..This is a non-wrinkle blouse that comes in long sleeves and sleeveless and more colors and prints to even count. There literally is one for everyone. This is another item I tend to pack a lot because it can be worn in all seasons…plus the fact that it is wrinkle free.



Express often has buy one get one half off sales on this blouse, and sometimes online you can find prints and colors on clearance.



If you have any questions locating these items, please reach out!!!!