The 5 Sweaters You Need This Winter!

If you are like me and you love sweaters in the winter, then you need to read this article STAT! Here are the 5 current sweater trends for winter and I love all of them I must say!


  1. Over-sized pull-over sweater:




I am obsessed with this style…as you can tell.




2. Graphic sweater:





3. Retro Stripes:




Long cardigans:





I recently got a mint green one…


And I love this black, super soft and comfy one from Fitness Hub Boston….



5. Cowl necks: In my opinion, this is the most flattering style sweater on all shapes and sizes…



I love a classic, black cowl neck actually.



The good news is that many sweaters are on sale right now so go on the hunt, pick your fave sweater type in this article, and enjoy sweater weather!!!