Inside a Styling Appointment…when you have a “signature look”

When I first began styling clients, Julie Costa was one of my first customers. She needed outfits for events and some “going out at night” clothes. We had a blast and she left happy. She recently called me to style her again. Julie wanted some basics that she could mix and match and wear for casual nights out or daytime excursions. Julie works at Lululemon and lives in athletic clothes and leggings so she wanted a mix of jeans, sweaters, and funky pieces.


Julie definitely has a signature style and that is totally awesome!!! Sometimes I style people and they will wear anything I put on them, and sometimes they won’t and that is ok too. What is a signature style you may ask? I like to think of a signature style as the holy grail of personal style. Like the icing on the wardrobe cake. Usually these items are the most flattering on your body shape, which builds confidence. These items become wardrobe staples for you and you wear them frequently, which helps prevent buyer’s remorse.

Ok so Julie does not like to wear any shirt that goes above the waist and she does not even like the front tuck of over-sized shirts. However, Julie has awesome curves that she really should rock more often so I was determined to find her a shirt style that we could compromise on…..and boy did we ever!!!!! It ended up being her favorite!


Not short…not too long…..blouses up slightly in the front…….awesome color on her….in fact, Julie looks amazing in the jewel tone colors so that is what we basically stuck to.

Once we found her new signature shirt style, we hunted for similar items and this is what we found.

Maroon blouse:



Grey sweater:



Plaid Shirt that I taught her how to tie it to make the same look of her “signature style”:



I also want to pat myself on the back a little bit because she loved the FIRST pair of jeans she tried on…. which is unheard of….. most people try on 10 or more pairs…and they were only $15!!!



Check out this super soft lilac sweater she got too. The open shoulders draw the eyes up, which is naturally slimming.

I also got Julie in a pair of black pants that were not Lulu leggings. They fit like a legging, but they are a but dressier because they have pockets. They show off her hourglass curves perfectly!!!



With this trendy, cowl neck sweater, I may have even convinced her that it is ok to wear all black…even a lot….


We also picked out a maroon bodysuit that looked awesome with jeans and black, wide leg pants.




And those fold over, shearling wedge booties you see in the right hand corner in the above photo.


She grabbed a sweater coat too in a cream color that matches everything and is perfect for layering.


As well as a camo t-shirt…just because….


And a flowy black, mockneck top that can be dressed up at night with a pair of leopard flats.



All in all we got a total of 15 pieces in 2 hours for $30 under budget!!!


If you would like to book me for a styling appointment, please reach out! Booking  February and March now! Also Jan special is $20 off a closet clean-out!! Usually closet clean-outs are $ $80 if you book by Jan 15!