What to Wear To a Formal Winter Event…

Winter weddings and winter events are becoming increasingly more popular as time goes on. It used to be that no one would dare plan anything in January and February if you lived where snow happens, but now….life just goes on and no one cares anymore! I recently got asked a few questions about what to wear to winter weddings and galas so I decided to just write an article about it. Here are my top picks for what to wear to a winter wedding!

  1. Long sleeve black jumpsuit: This channels the disco vibe that is still trending…yay!! Also, this is a great option if you do not like dresses.


2. Long sleeve sequin dress: Sequins are all the rage this year!


3. Dark Green Dress: This is a variation from the typical black color and like I always say…. Green flatters literally EVERYONE!


4. Tulle skirt: This look is for the ladies who like a real feminine style. It is also flattering on all shapes and sizes.


5. Satin wide leg pants: These pants are perfect for when you have a dressy event that is not as formal as an evening wedding, or if you have a daytime winter wedding.


6. Black lace dress: Although black lace can be worn all year round, I tend to think of it as a heavier style and worn best during colder months.

This gorgeous black dress comes from Madison Ave. of Melrose, and she has tons more to choose from!


If you need help with styling for a winter event, please contact me!!!