Cold Weather Accessories!

Let’s face it….we all seem to put on “more stuff” when the winter months arrive. As much as I hate the cold, I actually do love cold weather accessories. Here are my top picks for the latest trends for cold weather accessories.


  1. Scarves with fringe:


I am loving this scarf from @tbscarves. Make sure you follow them on insta and check out their items!




2. Poncho:


3. Cape Coat (the latest rage):


4. Pom Pom Hat:


My latest fave pom pom hat comes from “fit for barre.” Check them out on insta! I love this hat because the pom pom detaches and the hat can be worn as a beanie.


3. Knee High Socks (obsessed with these—legs and feet stay warm):




4. Fur Gloves:



I love my black pair from Target!



5. Winter Graphic Sweatshirts:


Hopefully these items will make bearing the cold a little easier for you!!!!