Top Looks of 2018

Last year during the week of New Year’s Eve, a lot of people asked me what I thought my top looks of the past year were. I wrote an article about it, and it was a hit so I decided to do it again!!! I admit that it was tough to narrow down 10 outfits I loved, but here goes…..I should add, they are in no particular order because that would have been even harder to pick!!


  1. Yellow wide leg pants and floral crop top:


2. Leather leggings and maxi dress:


3. Summer romper:


4. Plaid skirt and body suit:


5. Old school Fila’s return:


6. Pellone designs skirt:


7. 1970’s Disco jumpsuit:


8. Camo sweatpants and black tank:


9. White vintage fur coat:



10. White floral off the shoulder dress:


Message me your favorite look and let’s see the consensus!!! Happy New Year! Bring on 2019!!!!