What Do I Wear on the actual holidays…..

Whether you like to get decked out on Christmas Eve (like my family does) or stay in your pajamas….this article has something for everyone!!! Here are my favorite holiday go-to outfits.

  1. Holiday Graphic T-shirt: This look is perfect when you want to keep it casual. I like this look for Christmas Day, because my family tends to be more low key that afternoon.




I am obsessed with this one from Macy’s…especially because I love the word “slay” LOL.



I also love this fun, holiday sweater from Madison Ave. of Melrose.


2. Pencil Skirt: This is perfect when you prefer a dressier look that is classic year round too.



I am obsessed with wearing vintage sweaters, like my grandmother’s in the picture below, with pencil skirts for a retro, winter look.



3. Touches of Plaid ANYTHING: Plaid is a classic holiday print so wear it with joy!!!



4. Jeans with a Red top/sweater: Honestly most of us probably already have this combo. in our closets too!



5. Pops of Velvet: This material has always been popular around the holidays, but lately it is just plain popular!!!



I have a red velvet top that I love to wear in December from Macys.



6. Winter White: All I have to say about this look is….just be a rebel….



7. Satin Blouse: I remember my mom wearing these when she dressed up in the 1980s for holiday parties…and they are back!!!!! I wish she saved some of hers actually!



8. Winter Print Sweaters:



I admit…I was kind of against these, but I got one at Marshalls and I kind of love it now.



9. Holiday Pajamas: I mean this may be the only holiday that it is perfectly acceptable to host in pajamas!



I love my holiday pajamas!



But I must share a secret…I bought these “pajama” pants for $7 at Marshalls in a classic, buffalo check print that is always popular for the holidays, and I am wearing them as a joggers!



Whatever you decide to wear I hope you have an amazing holiday!

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