When the switch is flipped ….and someone styles me for once!!!!

LIT Boutique is one of my favorite places to shop for trendy looks. They have locations in Boston and Portsmouth and you can shop their instagram via the handle @litboutique. I tend to visit their North End location the most. Anyways, on a recent shopping trip, I was styled by Christina Ewing. It was so nice to flip the switch and be styled for once!!! Check out the looks she picked for me! I loved them all!!!!


Look #1:

Jeans, Bodysuit, Teddy Coat: Christina pegged it right from the start. She knew green was “my color” to wear. I also love to be warm and loved the teddy coat trend that is everywhere. I was unsure about this fit of denim at first, but again, she was right, definitely highlighted my curves. She let me add my own touch with the leopard heels.


Look #2:

Leather leggings, maxi dress: Christina knows how much I love leather leggings so I was thrilled to see them on my rack. She pulled out a maxi dress that splits in the front, which is perfect for a petite frame. Too big or flowy maxi dresses can overwhelm my frame, but the split material in the front helped to avoid this problem.



Look #3:

Snakeskin skirt, purple tank, faux fur coat: There was so much “OMG I LOVE” in this outfit. I love animal prints. I love faux fur. I love the purple color trend that is happening currently. She hit the jackpot with this outfit.


In all honesty, I could have bought the entire store that day…..If you have not checked them out, it is a must!!!

And how amazing are these pics done by the lovely Merissa Conley. (insta handle is @merissaroo)

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