Styling Session with the lovely Jen: Part 2!!!

OK peeps…… so hopefully you all read part one which was released yesterday. If you didn’t please check it out, because it is written about Jen’s perspective on her experience.

Jen told me her budget was around $200 and she wanted a mix of everything!!!!! Some casual, some dressy, some comfy….etc….She also informed me that she literally HATED every single thing in her closet.

I was ready to do my thing!!!

Jen tends to pick similar styles always…..skinny bottoms and way too big tops. She also owns a ton of stripe prints because they are her favorite.

I started out with finding a pair of black leggings for her with a high waist that are flattering and comfortable. Leggings are essential because they can be worn numerous ways and are an amazing base.

We first paired them up with a camo top because she loves camo print, but does not own a ton of it.


We also found a chunky sweater in a neutral shade of grey:


A basic white t-shirt and long, grey cardigan:


A blush pink shirt: (This sweater is super slimming because the arm cut-outs naturally draw the eye upwards)


A blush pink sweater: (check out the rouching on the bottom which conceals the stomach for a thinner appearance)



Next up was an amazing pair of camo leggings on the clearance rack for $6!!!!!!! We paired them with the white t-shirt and a denim top.


As well as an off the shoulder black shirt with rouching on the bottom:



We then settled on a pair of classic, straight leg denim jeans that can be worn with flats or heels. I had to find her something with stripes because I know how much she loves them!!!!


We also found a versatile blazer with a gorgeous color mustard/gold camisole.


And next up is one of my favorite looks on her…a black and tan peplum lace top.


Another pair of pants we chose is a black skinny pair that has a thin, grey pinstripe down the side.



As you can see, it looks great with the black shirt that we had previously matched up with the camo leggings, as well as the grey sweater.

AND NOW….for Jen’s favorite outfit…….a maroon bodysuit and wide leg, black pants that tie at the skinny part of the waist. This outfit is perfect for the holidays!


I also showed Jen how she can pair these pants with the denim blouse for a casual look. Add some wedge espadrilles for a winter vacation to somewhere warm.


Or add the long cardigan for a daytime or office outfit.


Jen made out amazing!!! She got 19 items of clothing that all can be mixed and matched for a total of $220!


And check out her before and after!!!



If you would like to book me for a styling session, please reach out!!!