Styling Session with a busy, amazing hard working…and beautiful mom: Part 1:

I was so fortunate to be able to style Jen Baptista recently, who is a wife, mom, realtor, Rodan and Fields associate, and Autism advocate. She is also a fellow blogger. (so check her out on insta @jenbap118) As you can see, Jen is SUPER BUSY and she reached out to me because she said she hated everything in her closet and felt she had not done anything for herself in ages and she was feeling kind of down on herself.


“Ever look in your closet and think “ugh I don’t like any of this”? I am sure we have all been there! I hit my breaking point about a month ago. I decided to do something for ME. I decided I wanted to get out of this “white v-neck, jeans and bulky shirt” look I have rocking well past it’s expiration date. I have been following a girl, Tiffany, for quite some time on Instagram. We have a ton of mutual friends (her cousin and my cousin are actually best friends) and she had recently styled my friend, Becky, so I decided to reach out to her. She is a wildly talented stylist and fashion blogger and after a brief chat we picked a day, place and budget and that was that.

Yesterday was that day for me. I was so excited and nervous. She had one rule for her clients you have to try on everything she picked. This is the exact reason I wanted to work with her. I tend to gravitate to the same frumpy look over and over. We met at Marshall’s and she was already knee deep in the clearance section. She asked if I was against any patterns or colors and I said “nope I trust you”. I was SWEATING seeing the things she was picking but if I have learned anything from RF is that to grow as person you have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. We make our way to the fitting room and the real work was about to get started.

She told me we would make 3 piles; yes, no, and maybe hence the title. I looked at this massive cart and thought how are we getting through this but this girl had a technique down pat. We started easy sort of just the tip of the trying on part. We started with leggings and tops. Let me tell you the first 4 outfits I tried on were all a solid YES. I instantly thought “well there goes my budget”. She exchanged tops and then got new pants to go with other tops. We had so probably 6 yes and 2 no in the first segment alone.

We then moved onto jeans. Jeans are a love hate relationship with me. I am a big CTC person with a decent Irish Apron. For those who don’t know CTC stands for its “cover the camel” because I don’t want anyone to see that. First round of jeans were a no but instead of getting down Tiff ran out and found me 3 more pairs to try on. We finally settled on a dark, straight leg pair. This is where I would quit. I tried on my outfits and thought “what shoes do I wear? What would look good with these?” and when I can’t think of anything I quit the process. Tiffany quickly sent me 3 links of amazing booties to buy all under $25. 

Last was going out stuff, this was definitely the most out of my comfortable zone and let me tell you she knocked it out of the park!!! I LOVED IT ALL. Things I would have seen on others and loved but never had the guts to pick for myself. I am mentally setting up dates to go out in my head just to wear my outfits.

We finally go through all of our yes pile and we had about 30 items and the grand total was……$215!!!!! I almost passed out. Only ONE item we picked was not on clearance. This was one of the BEST experiences I have had in a long time. We shared a lot of laughs. When I asked why she does this she said “I’m a girls girl, I just want women to feel good about themselves”. How can you not love that attitude?!!?! Tiffany I can’t thank you enough for this experience and making shopping fun again. I would truthfully recommend every woman does this once in her life. I can’t wait to do it again in spring!!!”


Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow and check out this before and after!!!