Fall Makeup Trends…That you will love…

I recently got some requests asking me to write about fall beauty trends….and I get it….many women think that their makeup helps complete their outfits……so I decided to do some research……So just like the 90s are back with clothing….they are back with makeup trends too. Here goes….

  1. Brown Lips….yup lipliner and all…… I actually love brown lipstick because it flatters my skin tone and green eyes, so I am “wicked” excited that this trend is back in effect. Also, there is a brown for everyone!



I prefer a medium to dark brown myself….



2. Blue Eyeliner…If you choose to wear this makeup look, the rest of your face should be subtle….



3. Bold, tinted brows….This is actually the only OPPOSITE 90s beauty trend that is currently trending…The 90s were the decade of plucking your brows to the max!!! Thank God that is over…embrace your natural brows!!! There are so many eyebrow tints and pencils out there that can help you create this look.



I love that I can now embrace my dark, Italian eyebrows haha



4. “Sunset Eyes” ….For eyeshadows, there is a mix of oranges, browns, golds, bronzes, and plums…. that is trending. It looks AMAZING on all eye colors!!!!! My favorite palette for this look is the Urban Decay Naked Heat. It has all these colors in one palette.



I like using this palette for a night time look…..



5. Dramatic Wings….Hard to do sometimes on yourself…but makes everyone’s eyes look super glam and gorgeous….



I like a winged look when I have somewhere special to go to, because it is different than my every day makeup look, which makes me feel dressier…..HINT: Use a business card angled near your eye to get the perfect wing….



6. Oxblood Red Lips….Red lips are always trending, but this Fall DARK RED lips are the rage…this is for the woman who prefers a bolder lip. I actually wear this color during the day and during the night. I just keep my eyeshadow neutral and add some mascara when I wear it during the day.



7. Bold Bronzer….We tend to think of bronzer as a “summer” look, but the bronzed, dewey skin, contoured cheek look is sticking around…..



I am obsessed with my custom blend foundation and bronzer from Flawless Makeup Lounge. Not only does it match your skin tone perfectly, but you can customize so many features in it, such as SPF, liquid or cream base, light vs. heavy coverage etc….





8. GLOSS……..Neutral glosses that look great on all skin tones are back and that is amazing because they are effortless and you do not need a mirror to put them on!!!



How gorgeous did Kristina Makris of Flawless Makeup Lounge make my lips look!!!! Her lip gloss is amazing………it will be available for purchase November 8 and will not disappoint! Stay tuned and watch my insta stories for more details next week!!




Hopefully this article has inspired you to experiment with some new makeup to update your daily look šŸ™‚