Polka Dot Power!

Polka dots are one of those timeless prints that never seems to go OUT of style. However, this year, polka dots are really in style!!! In fact, they are everywhere!!!! Smaller polka dots are universally flattering on everyone and a little easier to wear. Here are some modern ways to wear this classic print!!

  1. With Red….Black/white/red may be my favorite color combination in the whole world anyways…..but I really love how polka dots pop against the red!




I am currently wearing my polka dot dress with red block heels.



2. With yellow… Yellow is still considered to be an “it” color…and polka dots are an “it” prints…so why not pair them up together…..




3. With green…I like this combo because it is rather unexpected….and also because the color green is universally flattering on everyone!!!




4. Hot pink….there is something very “girly” about hot pink AND polka dots…..there is also a “retro” feel to this color combo…which is another recent trend…the retro revival….




5. Classic black and white….but with a white background (because it is more unexpected than on a black background)….usually polka dots have a black background, so this opposite look brings a new vibe to your outfit.




Check out this gorgeous blouse from the Dani Kaye boutique….




but of course….a black background with white polka dots always looks good too!!!




6. Grey…..Perfect neutral color for this time of year….try to pair up  grey polka dot prints with mauve or plum.



7. Under a vest….if your choose a bright colored vest, it really makes the polka dots “pop” out!!


**And if you want a simplistic way to wear this new trend….you can…..

*wear a polka dot blouse




*or shoes




*or use a polka dot clutch




*get a polka dot bathing suit for your upcoming late Fall or Winter getaways….




*really embrace the retro trend and get a polka dot headband




If you want any help locating any of the items in this article, please feel free to contact me……and now embrace the DOTS!!!