Holiday Family Photo Looks….

I recently got a request to write an article about what to wear for holiday photos. I do have a very large following of moms, so I actually thought this was an amazing idea!!! Ok….so here are some family outfit ideas that I am currently loving for holiday pics!!!


*Black and White:


I am actually loving black and white with pops of yellow….



*Cream/Ivory: This neutral color palette is perfect if you want the background or landscape of where you are taking the pics to stand out….or if you want to make a really funky holiday card with “loud” prints!



*Blues/Tans: These colors flatter everyone, and if you prefer a more classic palette, or want to avoid the typical holiday reds and greens, then this is for you….



*Grey/Denim: We all have jeans, and grey is the new neutral. This is perfect for the family that wants to keep it simple…or has teens that do not really want to wear a holiday outfit.




*Pops of Red: I absolutely love red…it is my favorite color….and I also absolutely love incorporating little splashes of red into my holiday cards.


*Plaid: Any plaid works…just do not over do it and dress everyone in head to toe plaid….think….less is more…




*Graphic T-shirts: This is just so fun! You can pick whatever slogan represents your squad best!



*Pajamas: This is definitely the latest trend in holiday pics….I love it….but I think it works best when you have children under age 10.


*Poppin Plum: This is my latest fave NEW color to put into holiday cards…it is so unexpected and out of the norm…but it pairs amazingly well with silvers and golds.


Hopefully this article gave you some fresh ideas for your holiday pics!!!