Top 10 October Faves!!!! (It’s a good list….fyi)

It was hard to narrow this list down….as it is every month….but I figured I guess I could save some for November’s article right? LOL OK so here goes my latest faves!!!

  1. Bath and Body Works: Bonfire Bash…..This is a limited edition so stock up now! I absolutely love it!!! It smells like vanilla…but better…..I can not even do it justice by trying to explain this scent…just trust me on this one….once you use it… will become obsessed too!



2. OPI “Squeaker of the House”…..The perfect fall brown…period….




3. Remington Hair Wand….This is a lifesaver…easier than any curling iron, cheap (got it at Target), and it creates all sorts of waves in about 20 minutes or less.




It has saved my life on many nights that I had to head out and did not have time to wash my hair.




4. This “Silence the Noise” T-shirt from

It gives me a little reminder to find the calm in the chaos and just unplug from time to time.




5. Leggings from

These leggings are currently trumping any other leggings that are in my house. They are PERFECT and I wish they came in more colors because I would buy them all!!! They are perfect and comfortable for working out, but yet look super chic and stylish for a night out.





6. Chunky ivory/white sweaters…I love blankets and am always cold, so perhaps that is why I really have been leaning towards the chunky sweater look (check out the article I wrote about this trend a few weeks ago). I have been buying these in white or cream because they match all sorts of bottoms.




This is my current fave from Madison Ave. Melrose.

I also got this one below from the GAP.



7. Red PVC jacket….I love the color red. I love red jackets….and I love the return of the 1990s trends…hence the PVC jacket. This one comes from Target and is less than $30.






8. Bell Bottoms…These were always my favorite style jean to wear. They are flattering on every body type and look amazing with the platform shoes and chunky heels that are trending.




9. Three Stack Bracelet from


…………This bracelet can literally be made in any color combination you want! It also can be adjusted to fit any wrist. I chose leopard print because that is my fave…..and it matches my new shoes!!



10. Pin-striped jumpsuit by Bishop & Young (sold at Scout and Mollys of Lynnfield)….This jumpsuit is just amazing…the pinstripes scream “power” and the wide leg style jumpsuit is so trendy. I loved pairing it up with a pop of red and a block heel. This jumpsuit can be work for work, an evening event or occasion, and a girls’ night out.



As always, I hope you enjoyed the latest edition of my top 10 faves!

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