How to Wear Leather Leggings As a Fall Transition Piece….(one of my fave clothing articles actually)

If you have been reading my blogs from the get go then you know my obsession with leather leggings…..They are timeless, classic, look good on all body shapes…..and they always make you look HOT!!!! I refuse to ever pack them away because believe it or not they have many pairs that are actually more lightweight then a pair of jeans. I have come up with the following ways to wear leather leggings during the Fall months….

  1. With a denim vest…..The 90s are back…..hence denim, sleeveless vests are now cool again….



2. With a denim shirt….this works when it is slightly cooler out, but you do not want to wear a sweater. Also, a denim shirt looks great with leather leggings and heels, or leather leggings and sneakers.



3. With sneakers….perfect for a long day that you want to look stylish, but need to be practical and have comfortable shoes on….



4. With an over-sized t-shirt….. Leather leggings are fitted, so your shirt should be sort of loose on the top for balance. We all have a favorite t-shirt….you can get creative and tie up the side of the shirt or add a statement necklace to dress your look up.



I just wore this out recently using an over-sized, black t-shirt.



5. Sleeveless top….This is one of my “go to” looks for evenings. Any color works…..Just make sure it is slightly flowy or a tad loose.



This was my look for a recent girl’s night out….



6. With a blouse….wearing leather leggings and a blouse can also be acceptable for work…for daytime….or for a night out…. Blouse can be short or long sleeves.



I love adding a blouse that has a pop of color, such as yellow or hot pink, when I wear my leather leggings.



7. With a denim jacket….we all know a denim jacket is the perfect fall jacket…kind of a no-brainer….




8. With a flannel….



You can get leather leggings in a variety of places, but my favorite ones come from Express currently, and when they have their buy one get one 50% sale on pants, I always buy two pairs. I buy one pair that is completely plain and smooth, and another pair that has some details on the side, such as zippers.

As always, if you need assistance locating a pair of leather leggings, please reach out to me.