A Denim Vest: A Key Fall Item You Really Do Need….

All of the 1990’s trends we know and loved are slowly but surely creeping their way back into stores….one of these trends is the denim vest….I must say….I think I am the MOST EXCITED about this comeback….I love denim jackets and their extreme versatility, and I think that the denim vest is just as versatile as the jacket…and an amazing layering piece for fall into the winter….ok I am going to show you TONS of ways to rock a denim vest…. Ready….Pair it with the following items:

  1. Long Sleeve T-shirt:




This is currently my favorite way to wear a denim vest…instantly makes a comfortable outfit chic….


3. Western Boots/Booties….


4. Dress:


5. Sweater:


6. Leather Leggings or Skirt:


7. Joggers:


8. Maxi Skirt:


9. Black Shorts:


10. Leopard Print Anything!:



As you can see…a denim vest can be worn as a casual look…or with heels and a leather skirt for a night out. It is a way to update your wardrobe that costs less than $20!!! They can literally be found everywhere….from petite to plus sizes….from long vests to crop vests….in light wash….in dark wash…you get the hint! Please let me know if you need help finding one!!!!

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