Fall 2018 Handbag Trends…

I have never seen such a variety in handbag trends as I have this Fall!! Usually everyone is carrying a tote…or everyone is carrying a clutch…..but this year….there are so many options to choose from that there is bound to be a new bag style for everyone!! Here goes:


  1. Barrel Bags:



2. Bags with Fringe:



3. Bags with Feathers:



4. Fanny packs:



5. Patent Leather:



6. Bags with Chain Straps:




7. Bucket Bags:



8. Return of Dior:

I must say this is my favorite bag trend by far!!!!! I absolutely loved Dior when it was popular in the 2000s and I always kept my Dior bags nicely packed away….well I recently unpacked them and was so excited to do so!



Hopefully one of these trends caught your eye! Let me know if you need any help finding a new fall bag!!