Award Winning Boston Makeup Artist…..and Survivor……tucked away in a town north of the city….

I love to meet people through my blog….but I LOVE it even more when I meet INTERESTING people……and Kristina Makris, the CEO of Flawless Makeup Lounge is one of these people. Kristina was born and raised in a suburb north of Boston and from a very young age always had an eye for beauty. However, Kristina did not dive right into the field of making people look and feel beautiful… fact, she actually went to college and earned her Bachelor of Science and certificate in Radiologic Technology.


In 2009, Kristina began working as a makeup artist for Mac Cosmetics where she worked with a wide range of clientele. In 2013, Kristina opened her own business, Flawless Makeup and Beauty Lounge in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Kristina specializes in the following:

Bridal/Wedding Makeup:


Photo Shoots:






Basic Beauty:


And more….such as tatoo covering, airbrush/spray tan, and lesson services. Her work has gained the following recignition and awards:

-Makeup Artist of the Year for RAW Boston 2013

-Best of the Knot 2015, 2016, 2017

-Hired to spray tan actors on the set of the movie “The Normal Heart” that aired on HBO



Now of course all of her accomplishments make her interesting in itself……BUT….what I find fascinating is how she fought back from a life and death situation this past winter at only 32 years old and is an advocate for women because of this. Kristina almost lost her life due to TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Kristina developed TSS from a tampon. One day she started to feel under the weather. She developed a swollen lymph node in her left groin (which she thought was a pulled groin due to exercise). She thought it was a winter cold, but each day she felt worse and worse. This went on for 2 weeks, and one day she felt like she definitely had the flu—fever, chills, vomiting, and a rash developed on her left, inner thigh. Thankfully, she was living with her mother at the time, who forced her to go to the hospital. The doctors told her she would not be alive today if she had not gone when she did. Kristina had developed sepsis from TSS.


She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and was pumped 24/7 with 2 kinds of antibiotics, bags of fluid to raise her blood pressure, and she gained 30 lbs of fluids. After being bedridden and unrecognizable to herself, she was sent home with an IV attached to her arm that pumped her body with antibiotics along with a wounds vac attached to her inner thigh. It took Kristina 3 months to physically get back to her normal life, and she still struggles with the trauma now mentally.

*****Fast forward though…she is back KILLING THE GAME despite everything she has gone through. She is 100% a girl’s girl…..she loves making women beautiful….and she is definitely beautiful both inside and outside.


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AND STAY TUNED FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR MY READERS from Kristina towards the end of summer!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses and Hugs ladies!!!