How to Rock a “Loose” White T-Shirt….

I think all of us own at least one, if not multiple white t-shirts….. but do you all own a “loose fitting” one???? It’s a must….it really is…. especially in warmer weather! A cotton t-shirt is comfy and keeps you cool while outside in the sun, but I bet you didn’t realize how chic and trendy you can look for less than $10!!! Yup you heard me….you can get a t-shirt for these prices in stores such as Target, Old Navy, and Marshalls. Ok, so here goes… how many ways you can style this as you read on!!

  1. With Jean Shorts….this is obvious….but it works….


2. With a bralette…..let the lace peek through…it’s hot ladies no matter what size chest you have…


3. With a jean skirt…same as the shorts but a tad more dressy….


4. Under a flannel…



5. Under a kimono….



6. With kahakis… with all styles of khakis….shorts, joggers, skinny pants, etc.


7. Printed pants….let’s face it, white matches EVERYTHING!!!


8. Black leggings….dress it up with leather leggings, or keep it casual/athletic looking.


9. With a maxi-skirt…perfect to pack for a vacation….or a day you feel bloated!!! LOL


10. With White Pants… monochromatic looks are slimming…even in all white….



11. And my current fave way…with joggers… the boho vibe of this….


Pull out your loose white t-shirts or head to a store and make a purchase!!! Best $10 you will spend!!!! Happy Shopping!!

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