Trending Tops…

If you are like me then you tend to buy more tops than bottoms. I always feel like you can update your wardrobe with a few new tops from stores like Marshalls or Target or the Macy’s clearance rack for such inexpensive prices. Here are the latest “top trends” for the warmer weather months. Drawstring: […]

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T-Shirt Remix…

Looking for some fresh new ways to style your t-shirts into chic outfits this Fall with items you most likely have in your closets? Because as we know….a t-shirt is an essential Fall transition piece. Here goes! A t and a skirt: 2. With a blazer: 3. Loose t and shorts: 4. With black distressed […]

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Rock Out!

Have you noticed all of the band t-shirts that have been in all of the stores recently??? I have always been a fan of the graphic t-shirt, but I am obsessed with Rolling Stones tees lately!!! I keep buying all different ones….yup…legit….and I also love the tees with all the MTV slogans and 80s bands […]

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