Essential Shoe for Spring: Nude Heels

We all have that pair of black heels that can go with everything, but do you all have a pair of nude heels???? If you don’t….YOU SHOULD!! Nude heels are actually much more versatile than black heels in the long run, because they are season-less and match all colors and prints. I have two pairs of nude shoes….one is a classic stiletto, and the other pair is a peep toe platform. I recommend them both!

Here are just some of the numerous reasons why nude shoes rock!


  1. They look amazing with jeans and anything else you decide to wear on the top half of your body!



The embellished bottom denim trend is still going strong for spring, and I think a nude heel looks best with this style jean because there is already “a lot” going on with the bottom hem.



2. With white pants….nothing screams spring and summer more than a white/tan combo…. clean and crisp….



3. With a red or navy dress….as sexy as red and black are when paired together….I dislike a red dress with solid black shoes sometimes…..and navy and tan are a great match!!



In fact, I wore a navy dress with nude heels for my son’s Communion.



4. With all black or all white outfits…..I think when people wear all black they are “expected” to wear black shoes…..same with all white outfits…..Nude shoes are a great way to “break up” the monochromatic look, while still keeping the slimming effect that a monochromatic outfit offers.



*This also works when wearing all navy on the bottom….which is an “IT” color for Spring…



5. With blush pink…. lighter shades of pink are the epitome early spring. White shoes look super tacky with blush pink…..nudes are the only way to go really….



I actually wore this combo to a bridal shower last spring.


6. With shades of green…..particularly jade….


or camo prints….



7. With animal prints…..animal prints are kind of “busy” so nude heels compliment them nicely….and when worn with a leopard print, it really brings out the tan tones.


I recommend looking online at Macys for a pair of nude shoes. They have an amazing variety to choose from including the size heel you prefer……ranging from a 1 inch kitten heel to a 5 inch stiletto! If you need assistance finding a pair of nude shoes please DM me on instagram at tiffyg77!!!