Spring 2018 Shoe Trends….

I have gotten a ton of messages and phone calls asking for help regarding shoe trends and what to buy for Spring….I have to say….there has been a HUGE change in what is trending in the shoe world lately. I feel like for the past 10 years shoe trends stayed sort of similar from year to year and season to season and we could wear trendy shoes for a long time. Lately, shoe styles have taken a trip back to the 1990s….styles we avoided for awhile are back in, and lots of new modern trends are rising up too! Of course classic stilettos and flats will always be in style so never rush to purge those from your closets. However, say good bye to round toe ballet flats, wedge sandals, and even flip flops! Read on to see what is Big right now in the shoe world!!!


  1. Ankle-strap block heel, platform sandals… Although this shoe can be intimidating, because it is a platform, higher heel, it is one of the more comfortable styles to wear when you want to wear a heel.


2. Slide on, pointed mules….Mules are baacckkkkk….think of them as a replacement for the ballet flat. Just as convenient and comfortable, but more modern. Looks great with a dress, shorts, pants, jeans, etc….very versatile and made for all ages.


3. Slides…..Think of these as a replacement for flip flops. Honestly, they are way more comfortable then flip flops anyways!!! Casual enough for the beach, and dressy enough for a night out or a business-casual look.


*Loving athletic slides right now, like the adidas ones shown in the pics below.


4. Floral print…..Floral prints are still popular in the world of shoes! Nice way to incorporate the print into your wardrobe, especially if you prefer to wear more solid, colored clothes.

There are floral heels….


Floral flats…



Even floral sneakers…


5. Ankle bow stilettos….lately with stilettos, it is all about the details on the ankles….especially the bows!!! Super sexy and feminine, and definitely made for a night out.


*Here are my latest shoe purchases for Spring 2018!


Lately, I am slide obsessed! Honestly, they are so comfortable that they feel as if you are wearing slippers! I bought these two pairs from Nordstrom rack. I chose the gold ones because the disco trend is still popular, as are metallics. I also feel like they will look amazing paired with a black bikini….or a black maxi dress. I chose the other pair because one of my favorite sayings is “I can’t”…..so it was a no brainer. Both pairs were less than $20!

My birthday was in March, and I did splurge and get the Gucci slides. I love the classic print of Gucci with the red stripe. Also, if your shoe size is a woman’s 8 or smaller, you can order these in a kid’s size for $160!!



I also bought these ankle bow stilettos from Amazon. They come in a variety of sizes and colors that are perfect for Spring. Check out the low price!!!!



I went with Green…..first of all because I do not have any green shoes whatsoever, and secondly because I think green is a great color to wear in Spring.

Processed with VSCO with q4 preset
Processed with VSCO with q4 preset


Last but not least, I bought a pair of block heels in a nude color…again from Amazon….people I am telling you that you can pretty much find a huge variety of trendy shoes for great prices on Amazon, and many people do not think to look there!



If you need any help locating some new Spring shoes, please contact me!!! I can definitely find you at least 3 pairs with a price point of $100 or less!!!!