Spring Shoe Trends!!!!!

Every season I get multiple requests to write an article about the latest shoe trends. Well, spring 2019 brings a variety of definitely “not plain” shoe styles. Here is the list!!!   Lace Up Heels: I am obsessed with this look….super feminine!         2. Flatform Sandals: This goes along with the 90s […]

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Alternatives to Heels…….

Many women have messaged me and asked me what to wear if they HATE to wear stiletto heels…. or they can not wear them because of a foot issue etc…..so here is my list of “stiletto alternatives” that will still make you look chic and trendy. Lace up flats:     2. Pointed toe flats: […]

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Spring 2018 Shoe Trends….

I have gotten a ton of messages and phone calls asking for help regarding shoe trends and what to buy for Spring….I have to say….there has been a HUGE change in what is trending in the shoe world lately. I feel like for the past 10 years shoe trends stayed sort of similar from year […]

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