Blanket Scarves…

Blanket scarves became quite popular last Fall and Winter. However, I know many women that avoid them because they are not sure how to “operate” them…..and they do not want to feel like they are walking around carrying a blanket! Here are some creative, yet easy, ways to manage your blanket scarves.


  1. As a Cape or Wrap: You can belt the scarf to accentuate your waist.


2. Over a Dress: The prints on the scarves really make a plain dress pop, accessorize an outfit, and keep you warm.


3. With Leggings: The bulky scarf pairs well with the slim fitting leggings….balances you out!!!!


4. With Cuffed Jeans: Although blanket scarves look great with all types of jeans…..I prefer them with cuffed jeans and ankle boots and heels best.


5. With a Jean Shirt: The prints of the scarves pop against a plain, denim top….again…another way to accessorize and stay warm.


6. With Leather: For a more dressy, evening look, pair up a blanket scarf with leather leggings or a leather jacket.


I feel like a blanket scarf can make or break an outfit sometimes…especially if it is plain. For example, I had a last minute Christmas dinner planned before the holidays…whipped on a black sweater with jeans….and then grabbed this printed blanket scarf and I instantly looked dressed up!! “WINNING!”


* My favorite print lately on a blanket scarf is this black and white one paired up with a plain, black cotton sweater. Sharp and classy (wear it with red boots for an edge)



Now…if you are wondering how you tie these (because I was and I had to find some ways on pinterest) these were two, step by step charts that I found very “user friendly”.






Blanket scarves are EVERYWHERE now….from Burberry to Target….so pick your poison…I mean blanket…I mean scarf 🙂