What Do I Wear When I Need to Go Out And It Is Cold And Snowy????

Have you ever had to go out somewhere in January or February when is is like 20 degrees out and there is snow on the ground or it is actually snowing outside?? This becomes a dilemma when you have to look somewhat chic and stylish……and you do not want to resemble the Abominable Snowman….Here are some outfit ideas that I tend to turn to time and again during these winter months…

  1. Leggings: They are warm, comfortable, and all types of boots fit over them perfectly. They look great with big chunky sweaters during this time of year. You can dress them up for evening, and keep them casual for running errands in the day.




I live in my Athleta leggings on snowy days for work… comfortable, practical, and warm!!!!





2. Pom Pom Hats: These are perfect when you have “winter hair”, which can actually be worse than “summer hair” at times because of all the static electricity. They keep your head warm, and you do not have to worry about feeling cold because you do not want to put a hat on in order to avoid the dreaded “hat head.” These types of hats are now viewed as a trendy accessory currently so you can feel free to keep them on all day!!!



Here is me in my latest pom-pom hat purchase from Aine’s boutique in Reading!! The gold just adds an extra touch of “this is kind of dressy so I am going to keep it on all day.”



3. Red Puffer Jackets: Red has been a large trend lately in shoes, boots, coats, and bags. If you want to take a traditional, warm, bulky puffer coat and make it pop to look chic…get a red one!!! Good news peeps!!! Coats are on sale everywhere now!



If you are always cold like me, I will say that the Canadian Goose Down jackets are totally worth the investment. It really is amazing how warm they keep you. Of course I got a red one!!!



4. Turtleneck Sweaters: These are for warmth!! There are so many styles out there too…black and tight for an evening look…..chunky and loose for a casual look. These are also all on sale right now because stores want to move these out by Feb.



5. Chunky Blanket Scarves: These are a great alternative to turtlenecks when you want to keep your neck warm and hate the feeling of a turtleneck. These can come off and on too, which is a good option if you are a person who tends to alternate between feeling hot and cold all day. These scarves also take the place of accessories so feel free to keep them on all day…even when your coat comes off!



6. Opaque Tights: When you want to wear a skirt or a dress and it is cold out, throw on a pair of opaque tights. They keep you warm and are super slimming. Target has my favorite pairs, and they are only $5. I always buy 4 pairs at once to stock up!!



Here is me sporting my pair during a photo shoot for Madison Ave. in Melrose.



And again on Christmas Eve….



7. Sorel Boots: If you have read any of my previous blog articles, then you know I love Sorel Boots…especially the wedge ones and the ones with the fur on top. They are perfect for snow, slush, and rain, and they keep you warm. They also look trendy enough to leave on all day so you do not have to worry about toting another pair of shoes along to change into.



Here is me in my Sorels…and by the way…this is the third winter I have had them, and they are still going strong!! Another purchase worth the investment!!!!



***As always, if you would like help locating any of these items or want me to send you a direct link to purchase, please email me at tiffyg77@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook or instagram!