Holiday “Attire”

Ok peeps….so I have gotten multiple requests asking me what to actually wear on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day…and even Hanukkah. Everyone has different traditions regarding where they spend their holidays…which will thus determine what you wear. I know people who stay home in their pajamas Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I know people who dress up and go out to dinner and church. I know people who prefer to be comfy casual.

My family tends to dress up more on Christmas Eve, and keep it more casual on Christmas Day. As you can see below…last year I wore a tulle skirt on Christmas Eve and a plaid shirt and vest Christmas Day.

Whatever your preferences are, here are some holiday outfits and looks you can wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  1. Dressy Skirt…extra points if it is plaid….


2. Sequins…just a touch….My belief is that sequins are ALWAYS acceptable during the holidays….no matter if they are the current trend or not…


3. Anything in emerald or dark green…


4. Plaid Shirts….preferably in holiday colors!


5. Plaid scarves…


6. Graphic T-shirts…so fun! Love these!


7. Winter or Holiday printed sweaters…again…super fun!


8. Fur vests….combines dressy with casual…


Speaking of fur…I recently found this adorable fur coat in a blush color at my local Target for only $39.99!!!



9. Leggings….when you really want to be in your pajamas….but you actually have to get in the car to visit your relatives….


10. And for those of you who like to lounge in comfy pajamas all day…there are so many cute holiday prints out there….just in case someone rings your bell….lol…


If you are all wondering what I decided to purchase…and what I am planning to wear for my holidays….besides that gorg, faux fur coat I plan to wear all winter…. here it goes…..


Gold Skirt from Charlotte Russe


Plan to wear this skirt with a black turtleneck and black tights.


Plaid Shirt….this is from Kohls…check out the price!!! I will probably wear this with cuffed jeans and ankle booties.



I also got this dark green sweater at Kohls and this plaid scarf at Amazon…def pairing this with my flared jeans or my favorite distressed jeans from American Eagle.




These fur boots….one..because they are fur and I love fur on the holidays…and two…because they are fur stilettos for the winter….I mean…no explanations needed….got them at Kohls too!!!



And just in case you are wondering if I got anything “fun”….I totally did….


Off the shoulder shirt from Amazon… cute is this….



And these Christmas pajamas that my son begged me to get because our dog is on them πŸ™‚ Not totally what I would have picked….but you gotta make the kid happy from time to time and after all, they are JUST pajamas….



Please feel free to email me at or message me on facebook or instagram with any holiday outfit planning questions, or if you would like me to send you a link to purchase any of the items above πŸ™‚

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