“Hair” deals are “Here”….

One of the perks of being a blogger is that I get approached quite often to sample products to write about. I was recently asked to try out Monat Hair products. Now I should preface this by saying I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my hair…it is long…it is dark…it is straight….it has been like this since birth….sometimes I curl it….sometimes I put in a few highlights in the summer…but that is it. I am not an experimenter when it comes to my hair. Hence, I am always skeptical to even try out new hair products, but I agreed. I must say I am glad I did.


Monat are naturally based hair products that are safe, pure, sustainable, and anti-aging. The company is mainly out of Canada and the United States of America. They pride themselves in NEVER containing parabens, sulfates, phthalates, glutens, sodium chloride, harmful colors and fragrances, etc.


Many of their products feature procataline (a pea extract) that maintains a healthy environment for hair growth, preserves the hair follicle, aids in prevention of hair loss, helps prevent against environmental damage, and protects the natural pigment in the follicle. All of this results in strands becoming stronger and increased volume and shine. Monat products also protect against the sun’s damaging rays, hydrate the scalp, and produce noticable hair growth. In fact, these hair products have been known to increase hair growth for people who have just undergone chemotherapy and lost their hair.

There are numerous products to choose from that range from thickening sprays, blow out creams, deep conditioner, split end mender, dry shampoo, mousse, etc  There is also a junior line for kids.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked after a few weeks. My hair definitely had more volume and shine. I also noticed less static, fly aways in the cold weather. All of that is a bonus, but the fact that I found a product that does all this AND is naturally based with no chemicals is amazing!

*Blog readers get $10 off their first order. If you would like to place an order here is Anabel’s contact information.


She is great about giving you samples to try various products before purchasing so you can see what you like best 🙂


My hair is definitely shinier and has more volume during this past month since I have been using it.


Totally worth giving it a try!!!!