New Year’s Eve attire….

I think most women over the age of 25/30 ask themselves “What am I going to wear New Years Eve?”…. that is assuming that they have plans and are not staying home in their pajamas of course (which I have done many years….including last year when all 3 of us had the stomach bug) Anyhow…..when you are in your early 20s and going to a club or a wild party it is fairly simple to plan your outfit…tight…short…sparkly…crop top…etc…However, then most women reach a point and think…..what am I going to wear this New Year’s Eve?…..Here are my top picks for what I think is trending this New Year’s Eve whether you are heading into the city, going to a party, or simply being casual with close friend’s and family.

  1. Sequin pants….I think many of us wear touches of sequins in our tops or accessories during the holiday season, but we don’t ever think of wearing sequin pants! This is the time… me…you will get compliments….But keep the sequins all black and the rest of the outfit simple…


2.  Sequin skirts/dresses…I always love a sequin skirt for New Year’s…since I was 21…..hahaha…..pair it with black tights for added warmth on a cold night…I would 100% wear the outfit on the right…love the oversized-off the shoulder sweater in a grey hue with the silver sequins and black tights.


Look!! Sequin skirts even work if you are planning a tropical getaway for the New Year…



3. Sequin shirts….super easy…they work with dressy bottoms, as well as jeans….FYI….Express ALWAYS has these…for years….and still going…


4. Anything silver….tops…pants…..skirts….I am obsessed with the wide leg, metallic silver/grey pants shown below, and if I had a trip planned for New Years, I would be hunting these down!


5. Fur vests still work for New Years….it is still the holiday season technically…..and winter time.



6. Gold Blouses/Tops…the color gold is very 70s vibes, and the 1970s fashion trends are still going to be extremely popular in 2018.


Speaking of gold makeup….that would be my go to makeup look for dressing up for this New Year’s Eve.


Monica from Mbeautified actually gave me a gold makeup, holiday look that I showcased in a previous blog post.


7. Graphic T-shirts with sayings that represent the New Year….this look is perfect for house parties and casual get togethers…although you can totally dress up a graphic t-shirt with a leather or sequin skirt. Old Navy and have various options.


8. Last…but not least…..”winter white everything” White is a pure color that represents new beginnings, just like the New Year does…Pair winter white with gold and silver accessories for a bold, trendy look.


*If you have any questions about these looks or want help planning your New Year’s outfit or finding an item I listed in the article, please send me a message or an email!