Embroidery is not just for couches….

Designers have recently added embroidery to jackets, jeans, skirts, handbags, and even shoes. Some people may be slightly scared to wear embroidered items but DON’T BE!!! Embroidery can really add some life into your outfits without making you feel like you are wearing your grandmother’s outfits. One point I will make before this article goes any further is that you must only wear ONE embroidered clothing item at a time!!!!!! Here are some embroidered items I think are quite easy to work into your current wardrobe, while still looking trendy and modern.

  1. Shoes…..just adds a pop of this trend.


I found the cutest pair of embroidered boots from Nordstrom Rack for only $22!!!!!



2. Skirts….I love embroidered skirts against black tights. Marshalls has a ton of super cute, embroidered leather skirts and jean skirts on their racks at the moment.


3. Dresses….I think floral dresses are super feminine, regardless of the style.

Here is one I recycled from my closet…..


4. Leather jackets….best of both worlds….tough and sweet all wrapped into one jacket.


5. Bomber jacket…2 trends in one… bomber jacket and embroidery.


6. Jean Jackets…embroidery adds a twist to a classic item.


7. Last but not least…..jeans…..super easy to wear and if you get an embroidered pattern that goes down one leg, it actually can elongate a person’s legs.

*For those of you living in the Greater Boston area, definitely check out Rada boutique in either Wakefield or Melrose. They carry a ton of embroidered items that I wrote about in this article, such as this adorable outfit below.


Moral of the story: don’t just leave embroidery to the furniture stores….go and get some for your closet too!