Latest Top 10 (well 20 this time) Fave Items…not in any particular order :)

The last time I wrote a post like this I was actually unsure about how it would do……however….I received numerous messages from people telling me they loved this type of blog post from time to time because of the variety and ideas all condensed into one article. So I thought that this time of year would be a good time to do this again as many people are thinking about what they want to buy for holiday gifts.

  1. Fur vests- Who doesn’t love a little faux fur this time of the year? They go with leggings, dresses, jeans etc. Check out Rada Boutique in Melrose or Wakefield Ma (or online) because they have a TON of fur vests and sweater options.


2. Dark Blooms- The floral trend is still going strong but who wants to wear pastel flowers in December…hence the dark bloom trend, which is basically jewel toned florals mixed with neutrals, such as black or tan.


I found my dark bloom top at Marshalls for $9.99!



And this scarf at Charlotte Russe for $7!!!!


3.  Yankee Candle “Christmas Eve”: This is my fave candle by far. I know technically you can light this all year long….but my “Type A” just does not allow me to put this candle out in July. This makes a great gift because it has a light, clean smell and leaves an awesome, lingering scent for hours.



4. OPI “Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees”- This is my new nail color obsession. It is not a new one, but I have really come to love it this year because of all the grey we are seeing in the fashion world. This is like a dark grey color that matches everything you wear and looks good against all skin tones.


5. American Eagle High Waist Jegging-  I honestly love all of the American Eagle jeans, but these are my latest favorite. They are high enough to accentuate your waist area in all the right places, but yet not too high that they look like “mom jeans”.  I also love the slightly frayed hem on the bottom, which is still a big trend right now. They are all just the right amount of “distressed.” Not so ripped that you can’t wear them to certain places, but ripped enough to show the distressed style. The stretch is super comfy. When I first bought these, the man working in the store reassured me that they would not stretch out too much…..I was nervous…but he was right. Another bonus is that American Eagle jeans fit all leg lengths. I have tall friends that love them, and I personally buy the crops because they are regular length on me. The best part is they are $50 regular price and this store is always having their jeans on sale!



6. Graphic T-shirts: I love these! Maybe because I am a writer and I like words on everything!! LOL But in all seriousness,  I think these also make a great gift. They are humorous and personalized. Even if the person just wears them around the house or as leisure wear, who doesn’t like to represent what they love. I have a ton…some I have bought myself, and some people have given me as gifts. I always smile when I put the t-shirts on that people have given me as gifts because I love how the person thought of me and associates me with certain phrases 🙂


Aine’s in Reading, Mass has a great selection of graphic t-shirts like the one shown below for football season!



7. Sorel Wedge Boots- I wrote a previous blog post about these boots if you would like more information on them, but all I can say is these boots are the best boots for fall and winter. They are waterproof and warm, and they go with all styles of pants, such as flares, skinny jeans, and leggings.



8.  Red Footwear—-Red boots are huge right now (see previous blog article), but I actually love all red shoes….even red sneakers….And think of how cute red footwear would look with all of the red plaid shirts during the holiday season.


9. Camo leggings- I love all camo pants, but I love leggings and boots this time of year. They are cozy and just “easy” to put on. They look good with sneakers, and they also look good with heels. Aine’s in Reading has awesome camo leggings that are made with great quality material and come in two shades of camo.


Here is me in my camo leggings….


10. My Kasari “St. Barth’s” necklace (see previous blog post)- This matches every shirt/top imaginable….It is super trendy and different from what any of the jewelry stores carry around the Boston area. I could wear this every day without blinking an eye.


Even the celebrities are wearing this hot necklace!



***Use the coupon code BLOG for $10 off your purchase.


11. Red Lipstick!!!!! Tis the season….. Check out “Fly Girl” by Lipsense…..It WILL stay on through all holiday cocktails and meals!!!


12. Gold eyeshadow….who does not like a little silver or gold sparkles around the holidays….I love both, but gold tends to be a bit more flattering on me.


Contact Monica at Mbeautified for your holiday makeup needs!


13. The combination of emerald-green and leopard…….think of it as being holiday ready with a sexy edge…



14.  Lake Regions Bracelet


This bracelet began with the dream of raising money for a children’s charity. The water drop accent represents beauty, strength, resiliency and serenity….the same qualities both lakes and ill children possess.


Each bracelet is uniquely designed bu its own production number so no two bracelets are alike, and they are all crafted in sterling silver. 15% of net sales are given to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Please go to to purchase one or their instagram page, which can be seen in the photos above.


****There is a November special. Buy 3 and get one free with the coupon code ABI. You can purchase a few holiday gifts while also donating to an amazing children’s charity.


15. Evil Eye Necklace….I am Italian and I love anything with the evil eye on it…..but many other cultures also favor jewelry with the evil eye as well. I was recently sent one by “Beaded Bracelets & Baubles”. The creator is a local artist based in Wakefield, Mass. Check out her instagram page or her etsy shop at:

****Blog readers get $10 off their purchase!


16. Gucci Guilty Perfume… Every time I wear this perfume, someone asks me what I have on. It is definitely a night-time perfume for sure. It contains a mix of lilac, amber, and geranium (which is usually found in men’s scents). Sephora carries this in the small spray bottle (almost sample size) for around $20.



17. Mac Eyeliner in Smoulder……..this is the PERFECT black! Stays on forever…lines the waterline of your eye and does not wear off, and it goes perfect with all the metallic make-up looks that are trending now. Although all of the department stores carry this, you can also order this on Amazon too.




18. Religious bracelet stacks from “the lil muse”….I did grow up Italian Catholic and saints, medals, crosses, and angel wings are symbols I love that make me feel protected. However, I think many of us with a Christian background tend to increase our faith during the holiday season. Check out “thelilmuse22” on instagram to see her creations.


19. Pom Pom Hats…tis the season when the weather gets chilly and we need a hat to stay warm. I love these hats…super feminine and the fur on top keeps you on trend. However, they do keep your head warm!!!!! I think these make perfect gift items. Check out the one I got on Amazon…look at the price and all the color choices it comes in!!!!


20. Buffalo Plaid….we all love plaid this time of year….but I love “buffalo plaid” the best during the holidays….it screams Christmas….


I hope you all enjoyed this latest edition of my favorite things and that it gave all of you some ideas for holiday gift buying. If you have any questions about any of these items please DM me on my instagram (tiffyg77) or my facebook, or email me at

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving weekend with their families. The Blog will be back next Monday!!!!!