Thanksgiving Tan….

I know we all wish we could walk around on Thanksgiving day in our pajamas, however the reality is that most of us have football games to attend,  family to visit, dinner plans, or even early holiday shopping that day. My belief is that your Thanksgiving outfit should be 100% comfortable, and there are plenty of ways to do this and still look chic by wearing leggings, stretchy jeans, an elastic waist skirt or a flowy dress.

Tan is a base color that I love to wear for this holiday. Perhaps it is because it is the last holiday that “fall colors” are trendy in fashion because as soon as the turkey is cleaned up and put away all of the red, green, and sparkly clothing and accessories comes out in full force.

Tan is a wonderful base color to wear with almost all colors, but I am loving tan with this particular palette right now.


Here are some outfit ideas that you can wear on Thanksgiving or on Thanksgiving weekend that are centered around this color palette.

  1. Tan and Dark Blue (I included the lace dress because a lot of people attend high school reunions during this holiday weekend and choose to dress up)


2. Tan and Dark Purple


3. Tan on Tan/Mocha/Brown (sparkly, sequin top and jeans makes a cute reunion outfit too)


4. Tan and Maroon


5. Tan and Rust….how much does this combo scream Thanksgiving???? One thing I want to mention about the rust color is that it compliments all hair colors and skin tones.


6. And my favorite….Tan and Cream….I just think it is such a soft and warm color combination and as you can see from the pictures below…..there are NUMEROUS outfits you can create with this color combo.


I know most of you own clothing items in tan, and I am sure you have at least one of these other colors in your closet too. Hopefully, this article inspires your outfits for Thanksgiving weekend. If so, I would love to see the outfits you put together so please feel free to tag me in your pics on facebook and instagram (tiffyg77).