“Moody” Florals….

Recently someone asked me how and why is the floral trend continuing into late fall and winter. They then proceeded to say that they actually love the floral trend that has been “blooming” since last year, but that they have no clue how to wear this when the weather gets cold. This conversation prompted me to write a blog about moody or dark florals.

Dark florals are florals that usually combine the colors black, navy, hunter green, ivory, tan and maroon. They are sort of the opposite of the feminine florals we often see in the spring and summer. Dark florals add an edge to your winter wardrobe and look rather alluring. I actually love the combo of feminine and girly with a dark side……kind of hot don’t you think? Ok anyhow, here are some ways that you can add dark florals into your cold weather wardrobes.

  1. Blouses:


I actually love the idea of a blouse in this print because when it is cold out you can layer a blouse under a sweater or a jacket.


If you do not like the idea of a large printed floral blouse, try and find a blouse with just a touch of this pattern, like the one shown below.



2. Dress…..I am LOVING dark florals with dark tights. Dresses literally work for all ages, shapes, and sizes and can be worn for casual and dressy occassions.



I have a vintage one I bought years ago that I just pulled out recently!


3. Skirts….same premise as a dress……some people like skirts better than dresses so just choose what you favor!



4. Pants….dark floral pants (or floral pants in general) are for the bold fashion people….some people love printed pants and some people would never wear any pants with a print. However, I definitely believe that darker florals are easier to wear than a lighter, brighter floral print. Most dark florals have a darker base color, such as navy or black, and those colors are usually slimming, so do not be afraid to try on a pair and step out of your comfort zone.


For the bolder style wearers…..like myself…I found a wide leg pair of dark floral pants at Target for $27.99.


Dark floral prints even look hot in a jumpsuit for a night out.


5. Accessories…..when trying to incorporate a print into your wardrobe….accessories, such as scarves or shoes are ALWAYS the easy route….low cost….in fact, I find all my scarves on Amazon….they literally have numerous sizes with various prints for less than $15.

I actually found this dark floral infinity scarf at Charlotte Russe for less than $7!!!!


The dark floral trend has even hit athletic wear….


and maternity clothes too….


My favorite dark floral purchase as of recent times is a sleeveless blouse from Marshalls for $12.99. Love the color combos in this one!




Thanksgiving time is a great time to add some dark florals to your closets. Get some flowers in your life before all the ones we see outside are covered with snow!!!