Shout Out (And a Deal) to Monica…my fave makeup madame…

When makeup artist Monica, from Mbeautified, asked me to do a collaboration I jumped at the chance because I love her makeup looks. She was feeling a holiday vibe for our first collaboration so that is what we did. As we know from one of my previous articles, silver and gold metallics are trending for the holiday season. She decided to use gold and bronze tones on me because I have green eyes with gold flecks…hence it made sense….However, check out her silver holiday look below that she did on herself!



Totally glam!! Anyhow…..Monica did my makeup with ease and efficiency. She was fast and flawless…one try to put on lashes perfectly….let’s face it…that rarely happens…usually they need to be trimmed…or the glue feels funny in your eye…etc….


She used a gorgeous gold shimmer that added sparkle…and the BEST part is that the sparkles stayed on my eyelids and did not trickle down to my cheekbones or under my eye.



She contoured my cheeks in 2 seconds flat and put just the right amount of foundation on to look as natural as possible….



When I looked in the mirror I could not believe she made me look like that in such a short amount of time!!! Who needs an instagram filter!!!



Even though she did a gold sparkle, smokey eye…when you see the whole look put together you can see that it is still practical to wear at parties and events with your friends and family.



Monica does it all….proms…weddings….nights out….etc I know many people have high school/college reunions this time of year, as well as numerous holiday parties. Definitely consider her for your makeup needs.

*Blog readers will receive $10 off all services when they book an appointment. You can follow Monica on her instagram page “mbeautified321”.  She can also be found on her Facebook page.

How can you not take her up on this deal????…..she makes you look and FEEL amazing about yourself.  Here is her business card…..give her a call!!!