Flares Really are Fun and Functional….

Ok so if you read my blog articles you already know that I love disco and I love flared jeans. I have received many messages from women telling me they loved flared jeans and pants, but they are not sure how to wear them without looking like they did when they were 21 sporting them on Lansdowne Street in line for the clubs in Boston…….well, after reading this article you will see that there are numerous, EASY ways to incorporate flared jeans into your current wardrobes. Hopefully, you even saved a pair or two from the past like I did 🙂

Before I start listing clothing combinations, I want to mention how flared jeans are universally flattering on all sizes…unlike skinny jeans. People are hesitant to believe this I think because they assume that since the legs in flares are wide, that they too will also look wide. This is not the case. Flared jeans come in a variety of “volume” degrees within the leg, and you just have to try on a few pairs to see which style flare looks best on you. As petite as I am, I actually look best in a real, wide leg flare boot cut jean because it makes me look taller. Ok here goes….

  1. With Tank Tops…easy combo…we all have a tank top. This look makes your waist look trimmer. You can also wear a baggier style tank with flares if you are not comfortable cinching your waist.

For a dressier look, wear a satin tank or add a statement necklace.


2.  With a Leather Jacket…does not get sharper than this….


3. With a Blouse…you can tuck in the blouse in the front to accentuate the waist area or you can leave loose and flowy.


I love wearing blouses with ruffles with my flared jeans for a super 70’s look.


I actually found a blouse just like this blue on at Banana Republic to wear with my flares.



I also love wearing blouses with big, bell sleeves with flared jeans for another way to rock a 70’s vibe.


4. Sweaters…..flared jeans match with all types of sweaters…thin, chunky, cowl neck…you name it and they all look great together.


5. Crop Tops…If you want to show a peek of skin because you work your ass off with exercise and feel good about yourself, but yet, you feel like you just can not bring yourself to rock a full crop top, this is the way to do it. If you wear a pair of high waist flares, only a peek of skin will show, and most likely it will only be the part that is above your belly button. I admit, this is the only way I feel comfortable rocking any sort of crop top.

I actually rocked this look last Saturday night with a “vintage” pair of black satin pants from Bebe that are at least 10 years old!!!


6. With a Fur Vest…this is my fave!!! “All Disco Everything”


Rada Boutique has a ton of fur vests. They are located in Wakefield, Melrose, and online.


7. With a Bodysuit….no frills, simple style. I like this look because it really gives the flares the attention, because there is nothing on the top to distract a person’s eye.


8. With a Turtleneck…I love this look….you can sport this as a “business casual” look for work. This is sort of like the bodysuit paired with the flares, except for it is less casual.


As far as shoes are concerened, it really depends on how long your flares are. I hem one pair shorter to wear with sneakers, and one pair longer to wear with chunky, platform heels.

I actually love how flares and old school sneakers look paired together.


They also look great with a wedge heel. These are Toms from Nordstrom.


They also look great with a classic stiletto heel, especially if you are wearing flared jeans at night and want to dress up your look.



Honestly, my favorite shoes to wear with flared jeans are a big, platform heel. It just completes the look if you are going for the 70’s revival, and if you like heels like myself they are comfortable to wear.


I wear my embroidered, platform boots that I bought at Nordstrom Rack with my flares.



You can find flared jeans in literally every store currently. You do have to spend some time trying them on in order to get the right width and waist fit. I love buying flares in Aine’s Boutique in Reading, Old Navy, and American Eagle. I have even seen them on the racks at Marshalls.

Have fun finding your flares or digging up your old pairs from the archives!!!