Red …..the color of all things classy….yet sexy….my favorite color….and the current upcoming “IT”color

Perhaps I am a bit biased because I love shoes and I love the color red! However, red is a huge fashion trend right now for winter 2018. It is definitely an “it” color. A recent issue of People magazine even had a page dedicated to how trendy red boots are!


Red can be a bold color to wear and many women feel funny wearing a large amount of red at once, so here are some ways to flaunt your red without feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Boots: Red Boots are happening right now!! The fashion magazines have also recently featured red footwear’s popularity.

Here is the pair I purchased on Amazon. They are less than $30!!



Here is me wearing them! Super comfy, and I got a ton of compliments from people about them.


2. Heels/Pumps: Red is a classic….heels are a classic….combine the two to become trendy “with a classic”.

*I actually love all of these outfit shown above and would wear every single one 🙂

3. Rain Boots: A bold color to “brighten up” your rainy day. I actually own the red Hunter boots and wear them with black and white leggings all the time and get a ton of compliments. Tip: If you have a woman’s size 8 or smaller you can buy the same pair in a kid’s size for much cheaper.


ok so obviously you can tell I think red “footwear” is a definite winner! It spruces up your outfit. If you are in a bit of a mood, which most women get in from time to time, then this is a way to turn the attention downwards…..away from your thighs or but or arms or a zit on your forehead or whatever else is bothering you that particular day.

Enough about shoes and boots for now….here are some other simple ways to add red touches to your current wardrobe.

Coats: I love bright red coats….and if your wardrobe consists of mostly black then a red coat or jacket will compliment it nicely.

Red even looks cute in a winter puffer coat!


Red vest: A red vest screams late fall and the Christmas season. Looks awesome with plaid shirts!!! Old Navy has a red frost free vest (that is usually on sale or you can google a promo code for a discount) that is great! I bought my red vest there actually.


Red Scarves: These look awesome against prints or next to a winter white coat or an all black outfit. You can search for a red scarf on Amazon and choose from a variety of styles for less than $10!!! Also, scarves look great casual or dressed up. I wear a red scarf that I have all year round actually.


Red Converse: I wrote a previous blog article about Converse sneakers once and how much I love the red ones. How can you not? Look how many looks they compliment.


Here is me sporting mine….



Last but not least…..handbags……there is something about a red handbag that screams classy lady…..well, at least I think so……



And of course…… lipstick always helps…..


Red is a power color. Red is also a classic. Red is also super feminine and sexy so why wouldn’t you add just a touch of red to your closet 🙂