Bralettes and Chunky Sweaters….

When I first started writing this blog, I wrote a post about bralettes….and it was one of my most famous blog posts to this day. The article got a ton of praise and positive commentary. I received a ton of messages of pics of bralettes that people ran out to buy. I loved it! So awesome!! Anyhow, the article featured how to wear bralettes in warmer weather. I thought to myself recently…how can one wear a bralette in winter? Those of you that have read my blogs from the beginning know that I am obsessed with Madonna of the 1980’s….particularly this look…


I tend to rock a bralette and off the shoulder look frequently…

Anyways….when I was thinking about how I could continue to wear these super comfy and sexy bralettes all year round I immediately thought of chunky knit sweaters!!! You stay warm while showing a little skin too. And if you grew up in the 1980s or 1990s…tell the truth…you still secretly love the off the shoulder trend still.


This look pairs great with denim jeans


Especially ripped or distressed ones…. it shows a little more skin while still covering up if you catch my drift…


I also love this with black leggings….because let’s face it…we ALL have black leggings.


Bralettes and soft sweaters actually look great with leggings period…they don’t have to be black necessarily.


If you do not want to do an off the shoulder look…..try an open back sweater with a bralette. I love this too!!! In fact, if you read some of my previous posts, you know I am a HUGE fan of showing your back off.


You can also get a huge, oversized sweater and make it a dress. I confess I do this a lot because I am so petite that sweaters can be too long on me sometimes.


As sexy as this trend looks with high boots… looks super cute with converse and casual boots too.


On a side note, you can find bralettes anywhere. I have found great ones at Victoria’s Secret like these, and they often have a buy one get one 50% sale.



Or this one from Target, which is my favorite one actually. Super comfy and has some cup support too. (less than $30 for the win)


Another positive aspect of this trend is that most of us own at least one oversized, chunky sweater already. Adding a bralette just puts a modern twist to it. And if you don’t own one of these sweaters yet, then Marshalls, Target, and TJ Maxx have a TON right now throughout their racks.

*Charlotte Russe online today is almost 50% off everything, and they have numerous off the shoulder tops and sweaters that will look amazing with a bralette…..I know I just ordered some!

As always….happy shopping peeps!