Silver and Gold…..Silver and Gold….

Maybe it is because the disco trend is huge right now….but gold and silver metallics are a huge fashion trend right now. I love them, but I do agree that they can be a little intimidating to wear. However, I honestly believe that most women do enjoy a touch of silver or gold…or both from time to time. I mean we could all use some sparkle in our life at times.

With that said, I do think everyone can rock the metallic trend….but should pick just one item of clothing or accessories at a time so the metallics will not overpower you or look tacky. Here are a few of the items I suggest buying in metallic that are easy and practical to add into your current wardrobe.

  1. Shoes: I honestly think this is an easy way to add gold and silver to your wardrobe. It just adds a touch and pairs great with both jeans and dresses.


As you can see by all of the photos above, gold and silver shoes look great with cuffed jeans, leather leggings, black dresses, etc…very versatile….more than you would think. Here is the pair I bought on Amazon. I actually love this brand (Dream Pairs) for trendy shoes. They are inexpensive, comfortable, and they last. This pair was around $25. I love the subtle gold shimmer and the ankle strap! I will definitely wear these year round to many different occasions. FYI….They come in silver too!!!!!


I am in love…they are even prettier in person!

2. Skirts: With the holiday season fast approaching, there will be lots of parties and nights out to attend. I think a silver or gold skirt is perfect to wear right now, and the metallic colors look great against black tights.

You can even do a more casual look and pair a metallic skirt with a t shirt or denim shirt.


3. Scarves: This is a great way to add just a “touch” of the metallic trend to your outfits.


4. Sweaters: I am loving metallic sweaters currently. They look great with both jeans, black pants, skirts, or over a dress.


Here is me sporting my silver sweater!


Go ahead and add a little sparkle to your lives with some silver and gold in your closets!!! It is the best time of year to do this too, because November and December always get filled up with sparkles everywhere!!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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