The “Hottest” Necklace Ever….

I came across the sexiest necklace I have ever seen this past summer….would you like to know how I discovered it and what it is? Ok…I figured… I will tell you…..I love all of the Real Housewives Shows…..especially the housewives of New Jersey. Anyhow, I started watching them when my son was an infant and did not sleep….and here we are and I am still watching. During the summer, I spotted a necklace on Teresa Guidice who is a star on the hit TV show and I loved it so much! I mean how hot does she look in the bathing suit with this necklace on?????


Thus, I started to follow the instagram page of the necklace creator, which is “Kasari Jewels.” As time went on, I fell more in love with this necklace and I was fortunate enough to speak to and collaborate with Raechel Kranz, who is the owner and creator of Kasari Jewels. Raechel began designing jewelry in 2012. She has her own etsy shop called “raechel sparkly jewels”, as well as an instagram¬†page that showcases her creations. Her jewelry is all hand-made with pearls, sterling silver, gold, diamond, rubies, emeralds, etc.

Although I love all of her creations, I fell in love with the St. Barth’s necklace, which was inspired by St. Barth’s aura of style and coolness. The necklace has an adjustable length, which slips right over your head and fits all neck sizes, heights, weights etc. It is handmade to order and comes in either black or white mother of pearl on a natural color, leather cord. People also have a choice of creating different color combinations on the necklace, including black spinel, white topaz, green jade, pink garnet, or gold tourmaline lily. Although I loved them all, I chose the black, white, and silver combo. I recently wore this to my best friend’s 40th birthday celebration and it made my entire outfit. I literally got a ton of instagram, facebook, and text messages inquiring about the necklace.



Another reason why I love this necklace….aside from it being super different from anything I have seen anywhere… the fact that it is super versatile. I mean we all know that if it makes a bathing suit look hot then it will definitely go with a classic black dress but check out the variety of tops it goes with!!!!!!!!!!…see below…

  1. tank top and blazer



2. just a tank top…totally dresses it up



3. tank top and denim shirt



4. black sweater



5. Black blouses


6. Graphic T-shirts


7. “Old Skool” athletic wear:



8. Gym Attire….seriously….I had on a lululemon power y tank and black leggings….whipped on this necklace and cute wedge sneakers…..and I went out….the necklace made the entire “quick change” happen, and I did not look like I just walked out of barre class.



9. with a bright color…..the necklace “pops” against bright colors



As you can see, this necklace literally goes with everything….and it can vastly change your entire look in two seconds, which makes it worth the investment. If you are going on a trip, this is the only necklace you need to pack. It will match all of your outfits and is super lightweight for a carry on bag.

On another note….this necklace would make a great birthday or holiday gift. It is a one size fits all, and is very unique, which makes it less likely that the person would receive a duplicate gift.

If you would like more information about Kasari jewels, please check out her instagram page “Kasari Jewels” or go directly to her store at The store name is called “raechelsparklyjewels”

****If you enter the word BLOG in the promo code space, you will receive $10 off your purchase. I am telling you that you will not be disappointed with this necklace purchase! You will get more compliments than you can even count and you will wear it all the time!!! Promise!! Happy Shopping!