Classic Print: Camo for Fall

Every season I tend to think about the prints I love to wear the most….such as, stripes, animal prints, and camo. Then I think about the ways I like to incorporate these prints into my wardrobe depending on the season and the weather.

I do not know about you but there are a ton of reasons why I like wearing camo. First of all, it makes me feel powerful…..when I think of camo prints I think about soldiers wearing them….some of the bravest people in our country. I also love the mix of neutral colors that are in camo prints. They match so many clothing items. Here are some of the ways I love to work camo prints into my Fall outfits.

  1. Joggers:


I love wearing camo printed joggers. I have one pair that I dress up with heels. AFC92A10-70A3-4F1F-83E0-6F750818F21A

And I have another pair that is part of a sweat suit in an ivory/tan camo print.



2. Jackets: These are actually everywhere right now!! I have seen them on the racks at Marshalls, Express, Macys….etc


3. Skinny pants: This style camo pant is very versatile. You can dress it up for work, wear it with sneakers on a Saturday, or wear a black tank top and black heels out on a Friday night. The Gap and Old Navy have great skinny, camo pants that I love!!!


I am loving how skinny camo pants look with sweaters currently.


3. Skirts: There is something about wearing this print in a skirt style that makes it more feminine. I love camo skirts with denim on top for a casual look and black tops for a more dressy style.


4. Camo print also looks adorable…and sexy…in a dress.


I must admit…I never actually thought about wearing a camo print dress until I wrote this article….but now I am on a mission to find one in my size!

5. Shirts: Camo print looks great in any type of shirt…blouses…sweaters…sweatshirts…t-shirts….matches so many bottoms, such as black pants, jeans, khakis…etc

I recently bought a grey, camo print sweatshirt from Kohl’s that I love for $9.99!


Here is my fave look of the article…..a camo lightweight, sweater paired with a maroon leather skirt. I have never thought of this combo before, but since I have these two items already in my closet I will definitely be wearing them together!!!



Hopefully you learned some new ways to pair the camo in your closet with some trendy fall items. Here are two more examples of camo outfits.


One of my fave local boutiques to shop….Aine’s in Reading, Mass. has some adorable camo print items, such as these pants, leggings, over-sized sweater and jackets. Check them out and mention my blog when you do!

If you do not own anything camo, I suggest you invest in at least one piece for your wardrobe. You will be pleasantly surprised with the print’s versatility. As always…happy shopping ladies.