Fall print: PLAID!

I admit it…I get MAD FOR PLAID in the fall and it usually lasts through Christmas time…..Now if you lined up a bunch of prints….plaid is not necessarily the one I would be inclined to pick. I probably would choose leopard or something striped instead. But there is something about wearing plaid in the fall that I absolutely love! There are so many easy, inexpensive ways to work plaid into your fall wardrobe. These are some of the ways I love to wear plaid.

****Plaid Shirt: This may be the easiest…you probably already have one in your closet. If you do not, stores like Target and Marshalls sell these in numerous colors during this time of year and most cost less than $20!

  1. Plaid shirts with distressed jeans:


2. Plaid shirts with vests:


3. Plaid shirts with flared jeans:


4. Plaid shirts with leggings:


5. Over-sized plaid shirt as a dress:



*I also love to find an actual dress with a plaid print too.


For the brave who like to wear printed pants…..try a pair in plaid!


It is super easy to incorporate a plaid scarf into your fall wardrobe. Amazon sells numerous ones for less than $10. I love the blanket scarves because you can fold them in different ways for various looks, as well as wear them as a cape if you are really cold. If you get one that has a lot of colors in it, it will match a ton of outfits!


*If you have a lot of plain, solid colored clothes, or wear mostly black, try a plaid coat.


And last but not least….try some accessories or shoes in a plaid print to add “just a touch.”


so go ahead and get a little “mad for plaid……”